Luxfore Flooring Co., Ltd-루퍽매트-锐牌汽车装饰用品

Luxfore Flooring Co., Ltd-루퍽매트-锐牌汽车装饰用品

About us

Luxfore , Established in 2012, has been a leading manufacturer and exporter of PVC flooring s in China. We are specialised in vinyl flooring rolls suited to hospital, commercial and residential markets worldwide.

We have gained a substantial market shares and good reputation for supplying top quality matting made of 100% virgin PVC material. In selecting the raw materials for our floorings, Luxfore considers a number of variables based on how to well protect customers’ health.It is these customer relationships that motivate us to exceed expectations with consistently superior service, design, production, and prompt delivery.

Our long-standing research partnership with China Plastics Processing Industry Association has allowed us to conduct many research trials to innovate production technology, build efficient equipment, develop durable, comfortable and healthy matting solution.

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Key Figures

- Factory Founded: 2012

- Plant Area: 60,000

- Employees Number: 80

- Production Line: 5 lines

- Daily Output: 10,000

Main Products

- PVC Coil Mat

- PVC Homogeneous Flooring

Export Markets

America, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines. Etc

Contact :MOB +86 130 5392 5456




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